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BOI FreeDa

The uniform solution for the audit-proof maintenance of your database content without database know-how – a product by BOI GmbH.

User-friendly, process-oriented, secure!

BOI FreeDa: Maintain your database content as easily as in MS Excel®, and as securely as by a database expert

Your company's data expertise rests with the operational divisions. However, managing these data in relational databases requires specific IT expertise, which usually only database experts have.

With BOI FreeDa, you can easily implement role-based and user-driven data management for operational divisions: maintain tables from the seven most common relational databases in BOI FreeDa. Choose a BOI FreeDa maintenance process with 0-, 2- or 4-eye principle. BOI FreeDa ensures that all changes are in accordance with the database and match the assigned maintenance process. With check rules, you can provide additional security. All changes are logged.

BOI FreeDa lets you separate data maintenance from data storage and data model: Users without database expertise can take charge of maintaining the contents of the databases, errors are reduced, and your database specialists are relieved.

Hence, "Free Your Database".

BOI FreeDa Release 4.0.0 is available since January 2024.

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Enjoy usability
Enjoy usability
Maintain even critical data in the form of individual tables, as partial tables, or as packages from several tables without database know-how.
Enhance security
Enhance security
Make it safe to maintain your data with configurable rules, permissions and controls. Use end-to-end logging to know who, what, when and why has changed, at any moment.
Organize data
Organize data
Organize your data in clients or environments, such as test, integration and production, and assign individual data maintenance permissions for each organizational unit.
Reduce errors
Reduce errors
Minimize errors by using a single maintenance interface for your data from different databases.
Save time
Save time
Save work steps, relieve your database experts, and transfer the maintenance of database content to the operational divisions.
Take control
Take control
Provide your IT administrators with full control over data maintenance. They can configure, which user may view, edit or control which data and who is allowed to activate it in the database.

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BOI FreeDa: The maintenance processes

BOI FreeDa maintenance processes define the workflows for data editing, control, and activation. There are 4 different BOI FreeDa maintenance processes for your (partial) tables:

  • NoCheck: Changes are immediately activated in the database when they are saved
  • SelfCheck: Changes are controlled by the user
  • SingleCheck: Changes are controlled by a second person
  • DoubleCheck: Changes are controlled by two other persons

The BOI FreeDa maintenance processes SelfCheck, SingleCheck and DoubleCheck allow data to be edited by several users. At any time, the editing can be paused, saved, and continued at a later time. During control, changes are automatically displayed in a clear form. The activation can take place immediately or at a defined time.

You need further maintenance processes? BOI FreeDa maintenance processes can be adapted according to the requirements of your company. All changes are fully logged. Requirements from the audit department are met and compliance is guaranteed.

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BOI FreeDa

The efficient table editor for the direct maintenance of tables from relational databases.

BOI FreeDa
Table Edition

The comprehensive maintenance system for process-oriented, audit-proof and seamlessly logged table management.

BOI FreeDa
Workflow Edition

The extension of the functional scope of BOI FreeDa Table Edition by partial tables and table packages of several (partial) tables.

One interface for the most common RDB

  • Db2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix and MariaDB via JDBC

Intuitive table editing

  • Table editor including comprehensive maintenance and import/export functions

Editing Unit

  • Table

  • Partial tables and table packages

Editing process

  • NoCheck (direct editing)

  • SelfCheck, SingleCheck, DoubleCheck

  • Individual maintenance workflows


  • Automatic BOI FreeDa checks

  • Customized table checks

Connection to customer systems

  • Authorization, authentication (e.g. OpenID connect)

Data management

  • Multi-client capability


  • Data changes and settings


  • Scripts for BOI FreeDa processes

  • Custom maintenance scripts

  • Customized menu functions


  • Parent-child connections

Temporal Data

  • Support of bi-temporal data formats

BOI FreeDa Add-Ons

  • BOI FreeDa Staging

  • BOI FreeDa ERP Connect

BOI FreeDa Staging - The new add-on for BOI FreeDa

BOI FreeDa Staging is a product of our BOI FreeDa product family and has been available since the end of January 2024.
BOI FreeDa Staging extends table maintenance with the option of staging processes. This allows you to transfer your tables from one environment (stage) to the next in a clearly defined process, right through to the production environment.

For more information, please refer to the BOI FreeDa Staging product paper sheet.

BOI FreeDa is the uniform solution for data maintenance of different relational databases

BOI FreeDa is operating system independent and database neutral. As a result, BOI FreeDa can be used company-wide on all common operating systems - both in the mainframe and non-mainframe area. BOI FreeDa enables you to maintain tables of various relational databases, such as DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix and MariaDB.



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